Our team

HUB Leadership

  • Carlos Buqueras

    CEO International Trade Hub at Port Manatee

    With nearly a quarter-century of distinguished Florida port leadership, Port Manatee Executive Director...

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  • Roxana Santoyo

    Manager International Trade HUB

    Roxana Santoyo is the Manager of the International Trade HUB for Port Manatee.

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HUB Collaborators

  • Ivan Mutis

    Consultant & CEO of GM&L

    Ivan Mutis is the President & CEO of Gooljar, Mutis & Lombana Strategic Consultancy for New Markets....

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  • Marina Besadalombana

    Director of International Affairs for GM&L

    Marina is Licensed in biology at Universidad de Los Andes. Partner and Director of International...

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  • Rebeca Forero

    CEO of BlueTie International

    An entrepreneurial-minded, leader and Co-founder offering years of gold standard experience in

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